19 March 2014

Telemetry Basic Patch

There is no manual and very restricted support of the Telemetry

Newbies can start this way:

Midi in: Connect your Midi-seqencer  or keyboard with Midi In. Select a midi channel. Press a key or a sequencer-button. Press "learn" and the Telemetry will recognize the selected midi channel.

Connect CV Pitch with VCO1 CV
Connect VCO1 rectangle wave (or sawtooth) with VC LPF (low pass filter) signal 1 or signal 2. Signal 1 can be adjusted.
Connect VCA -> CV in the same row with Envelope
Connect Trigger in Envelope with Gate in Midi CV (triggers envelope)
Connect VCA <- amp="" audio="" is="" nbsp="" output="" p="" sig="" this="" with="">
In the case shown I have connected the output to the input of the Yamaha MU90r wich is connected to a mixer. The signal of the Telemetry can be mangled with the inbuilt effects and mixed with MU90 sounds.

06 March 2014

going modular, almost

Analogue Solutions Telemetry has arrived...

Silent at the moment. Just ordered a bunch of patch cables.
No dedicated manual. Downloaded the recommended Vostek manual. This one is written for the modular guy, not for a newbie like me.
Will report, whats going on...

26 February 2014

Bruno Latour inspires...

this tune was made with almost the same equipment used in  spheric lounge live sessions:
echometer, tg33, alesis ineko
to be true, I was practicing with that gear to play it live. while practising this song emerged. it reminds me strongly on my reading experience of Bruno Latours "An Inquiry to the modes of existence." Couldt it be, that some being of fiction has used me?

my gear here: tg 33, echometer, M-resonator, ineko: spheric lounge 107

2013 has ended with some live jamming: spheric lounge - session 107