22 June 2014

Microsound experiments with a drum machine

My learning form the Heart of noise festival in Innsbruck was that with a drum machine you couldt do a good noise show. No need to use a Laptop.
Used my Yamaha RX5 to figure that out.

 First I delved into the realm of microsound composition. Best introduction was the book of Curtis Roads, Microsound http://books.google.de/books/about/Microsound.html?id=YxnqcAR7xjkC&redir_esc=y

Very inspiring in case of microsounds and drummachines was a text by Pere Villez: http://perevillez.wordpress.com/2014/04/25/particle-composition-the-wavehole-and-the-xenakis-screens/

The RX5 is perfect for that kind of noise and microsound composition. Here is an example. Lots of reminders of Ikeda sound

The door is open. Will go on experimenting

Heart of Noise Festival, Innsbruck

Three perfect days in Innsbruck. Lots of noise, good learning

most important for me: Ryoji Ikeda

All in all: Innsbruck was a very bodily experience. Loud!!. Playing this music makes it necessary to practise with a monster PA. Access to such a PA is crucial to become part of this community.
Almost all artists where using laptops on stage.
I was trying to figure out, which instruments could work best for this kind of noise heard in Innsbruck:
its a drum machine. The whole Ideka stuff could be reproduced with a drum machine.
So I started to experiment with my RX5....

18 May 2014

My first Disquiet Junto Project

A sampling experience. Used the Zoom Sampletrak to record and cut the music. Mangled the samples with the inbuilt effects. Then recorded the song on my Tascam DP02. Hard work, because I had to restart several times.

This was the challenge:

Create a new piece of music by using nothing but the first 45 seconds from these three pieces of music:
Erissoma’s “The miracle in the human brain” from the addSensor netlabel:
Kayaka’s “O” from the As4cords netlabel:
D’Incise’s “Graphein” from the Audiotalaia netlabel:


15 May 2014

Ambiosoncis Session with AN200

Session 58. The center of my setup was a Yamaha AN 200. Perfect tool for playing live. Alesis Bitrman added some spice, Alesis Ineko revervs and delays.
They did good togehter.

Will upload some music later..

19 March 2014

Telemetry Basic Patch

There is no manual and very restricted support of the Telemetry

Newbies can start this way:

Midi in: Connect your Midi-seqencer  or keyboard with Midi In. Select a midi channel. Press a key or a sequencer-button. Press "learn" and the Telemetry will recognize the selected midi channel.

Connect CV Pitch with VCO1 CV
Connect VCO1 rectangle wave (or sawtooth) with VC LPF (low pass filter) signal 1 or signal 2. Signal 1 can be adjusted.
Connect VCA -> CV in the same row with Envelope
Connect Trigger in Envelope with Gate in Midi CV (triggers envelope)
Connect VCA <- amp="" audio="" is="" nbsp="" output="" p="" sig="" this="" with="">
In the case shown I have connected the output to the input of the Yamaha MU90r wich is connected to a mixer. The signal of the Telemetry can be mangled with the inbuilt effects and mixed with MU90 sounds.